Ozone Disinfecting Systems for Laundries

A Better Tool in the Fight Against Infection

In healthcare, the risk of transmitting communicable diseases is of great concern.  Considering current events, there has never been a more important time to ensure your facility is using every tool available to prevent infection.  Covid-19, C-Diff, MRSA, and many more pathogens pose a threat to not only your patients but to the healthcare providers who treat them.  According to the CDC, over 3% of hospital patients have at least one healthcare-associated infection.  Is your facility taking the proper precautions to limit exposure and cross-contamination?

Linen Disinfection in a Healthcare Setting

The KDHE allows sanitization by the use of a 160F° bath for 25 minutes in the wash cycle. Though effective, some facilities may not have access to water of this temperature, or machines capable of maintaining these high temperatures. The often increased utility costs associated with this method of sanitization drive some facilities to outsource their laundry.  This increases costs, while decreasing quality control, as well significantly increases the number of linens needed by the facility.

Some institutions opt to use a Quaternary Sanitizer in the final rinse of their wash. This disinfects the linens and provides a residual antibacterial effect. Chlorine bleach may also be used to disinfect laundry, but only when used in correct concentrations.

Harnessing the Power of Ozone
Have you ever stepped outside shortly after a thunderstorm? You may have noticed a sharp smell in the air: the smell of earth and clean air, almost like fresh spring rain. That is the scent of the power of Ozone. As a powerful oxidizer, Ozone is proven to kill 99.99% of microbial life on contact.

Using Ozone in a healthcare laundry setting is easy with the right equipment. In fact, once the system is installed, all the operator must do is ensure the machine is turned on and process laundry like normal!  There are no reoccurring purchases of quaternary sanitizers. 

How Ozone Produces a Better Healthcare Laundry Solution

·        Ozone disinfects and sanitizes;

·        Ozone sanitizes the interior of the machine with every wash;

·        Ozone relaxes fibers in the linens to help remove dirt and stains;

·        Ozone works best in cold water, thus saving the cost of water heating;

·        Using ozone will extend linen life;

 ·       Using ozone produces softer, fresher-smelling linens, and

·        In most cases, using ozone decreases chemical expenses.

Consider Ozone equipment from CLS&S to provide complete linen sanitization, and help to give you peace of mind during these uncertain times. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how Ozone will improve your laundry operation and keep your patients and staff safe!                                                                               (316)-267-6650