On-Premise Laundry

Norton City Fire Department, Norton KS

At Commercial Laundry Sales & Service, we have the services and equipment available to renovate or create your laundry room space in order to make it efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to work with you in planning and designing an effective workflow pattern for your laundry space and will ensure that your equipment is sized correctly to maximize efficiency.
Partnering with our equipment manufacturers, we can provide layout design, line drawings, energy analysis reports, and can utilize other tools, to assist you in the process of making purchasing decisions.

Commercial Laundry Sales & Service provides two of the industry’s leading brands of equipment for the OPL market: Continental and Speed Queen. This combination provides us the opportunity to offer a range of washers from top load machines all the way up to 255 lb. extractors, with tumblers to complement them. Through Continental, we can also supply, ironers, folders, and bunker gear dryers.

By partnering with the UNX company, we are able to offer you a high-quality line of chemicals that will help to ensure cleanliness and extend the life of your linens. Our technicians will check your machines regularly as they are delivering your chemicals, and if service is required, they will perform the job with no added trip cost – just the service fee.