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Who we are?
We are a family-owned and operated
business. Our vision is to be the most
trusted and respected name in laundry
solutions in the Midwest. We treat our
customers as friends and partners to
ensure that we work together effectively.
Our Goal

Our primary goal is to become your
partner in the success of your laundry

We endeavor to help you be as successful as you can be.

We will …
• share our best advice when asked
• talk you out of buying equipment you don’t need
• identify the equipment you do need
• provide experienced service and
• offer parts as needed to keep your
equipment running smoothly

We want a long term relationship with
you based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Mission

We work hard to provide the most customer-focused commercial laundry solutions in the state of Kansas, through innovative consulting, meticulous planning, consultative sales, and superior support and service.

Our Values
We expect all our staff to advance the
business through an attitude of service
toward others as demonstrated by:
• Treating others with respect
• Nurturing open, honest relationships
with customers and fellow workers
• Being relentless problem solvers
• Being creative consultants with a
willingness to put others’ interest
above pure profit or personal gain

How can we help you?

Commercial Laundry Sales & Service
1228 South Santa Fe Street
Wichita, Kansas 67213

p: 316.267.6650

e: dasher@clsands.com

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What our customers are saying.

“We have developed a relationship with CLS&S based on honesty and trust. We feel that this motivates us to continue working with them in the future.”

Todd Whitehill

Owner, McPherson Express Laundry

“To whom it may concern,

I am the owner of a 26-year-old healthcare company here in Wichita known as Comfort Care Homes. We operate six, (soon to be eight) licensed long-term care homes for people suffering from dementia.

When I use the word homes, unlike a nursing home, we actually transform large ranch homes in residential family neighborhoods where we care for between six and eight Residents that live with us family style.

We have used Commercial Laundry Sales and Service for all of our laundry needs for a number of years and have been completely satisfied with their response to sales of equipment, and the service of that equipment. We simply cannot be down for any extended period of time as our Residents need clean laundry daily. “

Douglas C. Stark

President/Owner, Comfort Care Homes

“My organization has purchased two washers from this company and they have been some of the easiest people to work with. Pleasant, friendly and very responsive with their service. What more could you ask for. Commercial Laundry Sales and Service keep up the great work!”

David-Paul Cavazos

Former CEO, Republic County Hospital

“To whom it may concern,

Commercial laundry Sales and Service was very instrumental in the success of our laundry venture. In 2019 Pratt Regional Medical Center found ourselves struggling with the outsourced laundry that we were using (no affiliation with CLS&S). After months of trying to resolve issues with our laundry service, we found CLS&S.

We had decided to build our laundry and bring the service back in house. A large part of the logistical analysis and ROI development was the expertise of Larry Asher, Brian Asher, and Matt Samms. I am thankful every day for the professionalism and experience CLS&S was able to bring to our project.

Larry and Brian met with several key persons at the hospital and worked out a plan to recommend equipment, the layout of the build, projected cost per pound, and troubleshooting issues with our location. We implemented Ozone water treatment in the water at Brian’s suggestion saving money on hot water costs and improving germicidal results in the wash. We have seen a tremendous improvement in our linen compared with the outsourced Laundry we used for years.

Brian and Larry also had great insight into sizing our machines for our operation. We are with 2.5 FTE outperforming expectations daily. Matt Samms helped draw up plans for our building and our construction crew was able to bid accurately and finish the project with limited alterations. Matt also helped us in nearly constant communication during the construction and launch of our new facility.

Service has been excellent with CLS&S and we know we have a partner to help if anything is not working right. The training was detailed and timely.

It is with no reservations that I completely support and endorse Larry Asher, Brian Asher, and Matt Samms as an amazing group of people to work with and rely on to get the job done regardless of obstacles that may get in the way.”

Paul H. Carrington RN, BSN MHA

Director of Quality & Infection Control, Pratt Regional Medical Center

Commercial Laundry Sales & Service
1228 South Santa Fe Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211

p: (316) 267-6650
w: https://clsands.com/

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